shree kabbalamma

Shree Kabbalamma temple is found to be a miraculous place and believed that many devotees have fulfilled their wishes at this temple

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kabbalamma is very powerful god, once we believe her she never forgot us and every moment she solve our all problems

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Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Shaktirupenasamsthita | Namastastyai Namastastyai Namastastyai Namo Namaha ||

Sri Kabbalamma Temple is situated in a village called Kabbalu in Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara district, Karnataka.  TV9 has broadcasted the story of this temple in its “Heegu Unte” program.  Since then a lot of people outside the nearby villages came to know about this temple.   It is said that several people got blessed by the goddess and became devotees of the mother.  In the above picture along with the mother goddess we can also see the picture of a bull (Basaveshwara) decorated with flowers and clothing.  This bull is said to be staying in the temple premises for many years and has played a role of blessing the devotees.   Devotees who pledged to offer something in the form of Harake to this bull need to sleep on the floor and the bull will slowly walk over them.  This is a type of custom followed in this temple and it does not harm anybody.  Even the small kids are laid down in front of this bull for his blessings (it is believed to be those children are born by the blessings of the goddess).

This temple can be reached from Bangalore via Kanakapura or Ramanagara / Channapattana.  It is around 70 – 75 km away from Bangalore.  Road to this temple passes through many villages and on the way we can see many rocky hills.  Kabbalu Durga may be one of these rocky hills which is a trekking destination.

Near the Kabbalamma temple there is a small shrine dedicated to Basaveshwara (Bull – the vehicle of Lord Shiva).  The miraculous Bull is carrying a bundle of currency notes on its horns.  This money is offered to Basava as the devotees’ wishes got fulfilled.  This temple is planning to build a new temple and also, the plan for the same is displayed in the temple premises.

|| Jai Devi kabbalamma namaha ||